David Monaghan

David Monaghan is a journalist, critic, editor and radio host who writes about arts, culture, Film, tech, and LGBTQ+ and community issues for HeadStuff, GCN, Dublin Inquirer, Business & Finance, and others.

He is a two-time arts graduate, having completed a BA International in English with Film, and an MA in Film Studies.

In 2017, he was shortlisted for 'Journalist of the Year' at the National Student Media Awards in Ireland.

David is also a frequent writer of short fiction and has been published in the literary journal Storgy. In all of his work, he is driven by a passion for storytelling and uplifting marginalised voices.

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“We now have no time on our hands” - In conversation with Professor Sir David King

Professor Sir David King has had a storied career. A former Head of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Chemistry, he has, in recent years, gained international renown as Chief Scientific Adviser to former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. His tenure as Chief Scientific Adviser was marked by dogged attempts to increase public awareness of climate change and its adverse effects on the world and its people. This is a fight he continues with the same determination today.

TV Review | The Crown’s Fourth Season Turns on its Duty Bound Queen

The Crown season four opens with a bang. Quite literally. For three seasons, creator and lead writer Peter Morgan had been reticent about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. While incidents like Aberfan disaster and the UK miners’ strike of 1972 were given the time they deserved, the escalating conflict across the Irish Sea never got a look in. The presence of Lord Mountbatten (Charles Dance), however, made tackling the subject an inevitability.

Business & Finance, Vol. 57, No. 2

In the latest digital issue of Business & Finance, I spoke to Sean Davis of Enterprise Ireland, Daniel Chait of Greenhouse Software, Dermot McArdle of Electric Ireland, and more, about digitisation and the future of work (see pages 16-17). I also interviewed NASA Datanaut & Miss Universe Ireland, Fig O'Reilly, about her life, career, and the need for greater diversity in STEM (see pages 40-43). The paywall is lifted, so read with compliments.
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