"I emailed 629 individual recruitment companies, and not one was digitally accessible" - In conversation with Kyran O'Mahoney, CEO and founder, IA Labs

Kyran O’Mahoney is an IT professional with over twenty years of experience in developing complex technical projects for a host of sectors across Ireland, the UK, and the United States. He is CEO and founder of Inclusion and Accessibility Labs (IA Labs), a start-up established in 2021 to bridge the gap faced by people with disabilities in the digital revolution.

Digital transformation: Technologically tenuous?

Digital transformation is a term that appears with frequent regularity in the business sphere, especially in a post-COVID world. It has become an inescapable truth that for businesses to thrive into the future, advancements in technology will have to be the driving force behind their success. But what is digital transformation? What does being a digital-forward company entail? And what are the drawbacks of digitalisation on employers and employees?

“There’s a lot written about the lack of confidence in women in going forward for roles" - An interview with Julie Sinnamon, co-chair of Balance for Better Business

Julie Sinnamon has held a number of senior public sector positions in a career spanning thirty years. She added another string to her bow in June 2021 with her appointment as co-chair of Balance for Better Business (B4BB), a group tasked with improving gender balance in senior business leadership in Ireland. She sits down with David Monaghan, Deputy Editor, Business & Finance, to discuss her vision for a better balanced business sphere.

“We now have no time on our hands” - In conversation with Professor Sir David King

Professor Sir David King has had a storied career. A former Head of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Chemistry, he has, in recent years, gained international renown as Chief Scientific Adviser to former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. His tenure as Chief Scientific Adviser was marked by dogged attempts to increase public awareness of climate change and its adverse effects on the world and its people. This is a fight he continues with the same determination today.

Business & Finance, Vol. 57, No. 2

In the latest digital issue of Business & Finance, I spoke to Sean Davis of Enterprise Ireland, Daniel Chait of Greenhouse Software, Dermot McArdle of Electric Ireland, and more, about digitisation and the future of work (see pages 16-17). I also interviewed NASA Datanaut & Miss Universe Ireland, Fig O'Reilly, about her life, career, and the need for greater diversity in STEM (see pages 40-43). The paywall is lifted, so read with compliments.